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Bonfire Herb Mix

Bonfire Herb Mix

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Create a bug-free ambiance by the bonfire with our Bonfire Herb Mix, featuring a blend of dried botanicals including peppermint, lemon balm, sage, and lavender. These carefully selected herbs not only enrich outdoor settings with their aromatic richness but also naturally deter insects.

Perfect for any outdoor gathering, sprinkle our mix to enjoy a serene evening by the fire, free from pests and filled with delightful botanical scents. Ideal for backyard barbecues or camping trips, our Bonfire Herb Mix enhances your outdoor experience while keeping bugs at bay.

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Product Details

How to use

Add this simmer mix to your fire and as the herbs burn and release their aroma, the bugs will leave you be! You can use the entire mix, or add a handful at a time.

Aroma Notes

Peppermint: Known for its strong, refreshing aroma, peppermint naturally creates an environment that insects find unpleasant, helping to discourage them from lingering.

Lemon Balm: With its citrusy scent, lemon balm emits a fragrance that bugs typically avoid, making it effective in keeping them away from outdoor gathering areas.

Sage: Sage releases a woody and herbaceous aroma that insects find unappealing, contributing to a natural barrier against unwanted pests during outdoor activities.

Lavender: Lavender not only adds a pleasant floral scent but also possesses insect-deterring properties, making it a popular choice for keeping bugs at bay in outdoor settings.


How do I use the Bonfire Herb Mix to keep bugs away?
- Simply sprinkle the Bonfire Herb Mix around your outdoor seating area, bonfire pit, or camping site to release its natural aromas. These herbs naturally deter insects while creating a pleasant ambiance.

Is the Bonfire Herb Mix safe for pets and children?
- Yes, the Bonfire Herb Mix is made from natural dried botanicals and is safe for pets and children. However, we recommend avoiding direct ingestion and ensuring proper supervision.

How long does the scent of the Bonfire Herb Mix last?
- The scent can last several hours depending on environmental conditions such as wind and humidity. For prolonged effectiveness, consider refreshing the application periodically or adding more herb mix as needed.

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