Our Founder, Danielle

Meraki (n.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to leave a piece and essence of yourself in your work.

I've always been sensitive to synthetic fragrances- they give me headaches, make me feel nauseous. But I love the ambiance of a good house aroma. When I pulled together some fun, natural ingredients to make a simmer pot, I was impressed with how full the scent was and yet it didn't bother me.

I couldn't wait to share these aromas with more people who are bothered by artificial fragrance. And Simmer and Co was created.

Our Story

Simmer and Co Natural Aromas started from a love of beautiful home aromas and a need for something natural. A Christmas gift idea for friends and family quickly turned into a passion for using nature to experience amazing aromas in our homes.

We handmake every single product to ensure the best quality and highest aroma. We don't use anything synthetic or artificial, just pure, real ingredients.

Our Mission

We wanted to stick to a couple core truths when we started Simmer and Co and these are important to us:

We wanted to only use real, natural ingredients- no chemicals or toxins.
We wanted it to be something beautiful- so you would be excited to have it for yourself, or give it as the perfect gift to someone. We wanted to always be trying to be environmentally conscious. Our simmer mixes are 100% compostable after use, and we are always working on more ways to be better at this. And we wanted the simmer mixes to be affordable so many people can enjoy them, or give them as gifts. 

  • Non-toxic, No artifical fragrance

    Feel good simmering with us knowing it's safe for you, your loved ones and Mother Earth.

  • Handmade in Canada, Small Batches

    Everything is handmade in Canada at our shop by our amazing team of women.

  • 100% Natural Home Fragrance

    We use pure, real ingredients to make our home fragrance products.

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