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Why Natural is better

One of the main values of Simmer and Co Natural Aroma is right in the name- natural. It's so important to us that everything we make and offer to you is 100% natural, safe for you, your loved ones and mother earth. The reason is simple- natural is better. 

Using herbs, spices and botanicals to add aroma to your home helps aid in aromatherapy benefits, makes your home safely smell amazing and won't make you feel ill. In a market that uses words like 'natural' and 'eco-friendly' loosely- it's important to really understand what's in your home fragrance products.

With synthetic and artifical fragrances, you lose all aromatherapy benefits and risk adding toxins to your home. Yes artifical fragrance will smell stronger and last longer, but that potency can bother people (like me) with scent sensitives and usually means chemicals were involved in making it. 

Are all artifical fragrances toxic? No, some can be safe to smell so make sure to check with the manufacture on the type of fragrance being used. But even being 'safe' doesn't mean it won't cause headaches or bother people who smell it. So as always, it's up to you to decide what to use, but if all natural home fragrance is important to you, you're going to love Simmer and Co Natural Aroma. We disclose EVERYTHING in our products and only use the best quality, natural ingredients. Check out our best sellers section and see what everyone is loving most. 


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