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A Good Teacher

May 4th is National Teacher Appreciation Day and this day holds a large significance to me because of my mom and my family.

My mom is a teacher and has been for more than 20 years. She put herself through teachers college when me and my brother's were small, worked a job and ran a household. Mostly by herself because my dad is a long haul truck driver. I think she is completely badass for surviving that and raising three successful people.

 She has spent a large part of her life educating kids, inspiring minds and shaping our future. She's had to change course numerous times with different curriculum's or different grades and most recently managing online learning, or in class learning with extreme restrictions.

 The first week in May is teacher appreciation week and I think all teachers deserve more thanks than we can ever give them. This year and bit has been an insane ride and teachers have been there with our kids, virtually in our homes trying to be a constant.


Teachers- thank you for kicking ass as always!

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