How to use

Natural Potpourri

Simmer Melt, Wax Potpourri

Made from ethically sourced beeswax, organic coconut wax and infused with pure essential oils and botanical sprinkles.

Add 3-4 melts to a wax warmer- tea light or electric warmer and enjoy!

Add less or more to customize your scent strength.

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Simmer Mix, Stovetop Potpourri

Our simmer mixes are 100% natural and easy as 1,2,3...4! Stovetop Potpourri that will fill your home with aroma.

1. Get a pot from your kitchen and fill with water

2. Empty the Simmer Mix Package to the pot with water

3. Bring the pot to a boil, then turn the heat down low to simmer

4. Enjoy as the natural fragrance fills your home!

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Simmer Medley, Potpourri Sachet

Place the all natural sachet in a closet and enjoy the subtle aroma added to your clothing.

Hang a sachet in your vehicle and you can enjoy the natural aroma when you drive.

You can place the medley sachet anywhere you want to add natural aromas.

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Simmer Mist, Room and Linen Spray

Shake the bottle and spray 3-4 mists in the air or on linen.

You can also spray on wool dryer balls to add natural aroma to your laundry.

Simmer Gift Sets

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Simmer Mixes

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Simmer Melts

Launching March 30th

In the Honeyed Collection, nature's sweetest treasures are captured, fragrances that soothe the soul and leaves the heart enraptured. Crafted with care and plant-based oils, this collection brings to life the sweetness that nature toils.

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  • Handmade in Canada

    Everything is handmade at our shop in Lethbridge Alberta, in small batches by an amazing team of women.

  • Non-toxic, Eco-friendly

    We don't use any synthetic fragrance or perfumes, no chemicals either! Just Mother Nature at her finest.

  • Amazing Aromas

    You'll love how the scent fills your home without being overbearing. It's easy to use, just 1,2,3....and 4!

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