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The 'why' behind Simmer and Co

How Simmer and Co started


Ok so I wanted to give a bit of the ‘why’ behind Simmer and Co. Why we created this product and what we hope it can bring to anyone who tries it. 

I’ve always had a crazy strong sense of smell- don’t even get me started on pregnancy amplifying your sense of smell! And for me, a lot of the products on the market to make your home smell yummy tended to bother me- giving me headaches or feeling nauseous. I  know I'm not alone in this-  I've had a few people ask me if this product would work for themselves or someone they know who is sensitive to scents. 

So for Christmas last year, I wanted to make something for friends and family to make their homes smell amazing, naturally. Using real ingredients- fruit, herbs and spices I made dried simmer mixes filled with all the scents you’d associate with Christmas. Not only did they smell amazing, but they look beautiful, something that is important to Simmer and Co when we create our simmer mixes. 

One of those gifts went to my good friend Kelsae. She loved it and started imagining different mixes to try with the same concept. We couldn't stop talking about all the different ingredients that would work amazing in a simmer mix and wanting to experiment with them all. We were so excited about all the possibilities that we wanted to share them with more than just each other. So Simmer and Co was created!

We wanted to stick to a couple core truths when we started Simmer and Co and these are important to us.

  • We wanted to only use real, natural ingredients- no chemicals or toxins.
  • We wanted it to be something beautiful- so you would be excited to have it for yourself, or give it as the perfect gift to someone. 
  • We wanted to always be trying to be environmentally conscious. Our simmer mixes are 100% compostable after use, and we are always working on more ways to be better at this.
  • And we wanted the simmer mixes to be affordable so many people can enjoy them, or give them as gifts. 

We are constantly working on refining our processes and want to always offer the best we can, we hope our passion for this little business brings you joy as well!

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