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The Smell of Spring

Greek, (N), A pleasant aroma after the first rainfall after warm, dry weather.

What smell comes to mind when you think of spring? For me- it's a few things. The smell right before it rains, like the water is just waiting to drop. Freshly cut grass- which also brings to mind the sound of a lawnmower. And fresh linen, that's been dried in the sunshine. Crisp, soft and clean! 

One of my favorite ways to invite the aroma of spring in is to open my windows. Now, when you live in Southern Alberta or anywhere else that's super windy that's not always an option. So another great alternative is using Simmer and Co Natural Aroma products. Currently I have Be Sunny Botanical Melts melting in my basement wax warmer. It smells so fresh and sweet as soon as you get to the stairs!

After supper, when we've cleaned up the dishes, we love going to the backyard with our girls to play. Enjoying the sunshine and my daughter's laughter! Their imagination is so fascinating to watch. Right before we got outside - I'll add Be Lush Simmer Mix to a crockpot with boiling water and set it on low. So when we come inside to get the girls ready for bed, my home is filled with the aroma of cedar and citrus! 

These are a couple of my favorite ways to invite natural aromas into my home. I'd love to hear yours- comment below and I'll pick someone to send my favorite products to! 


- Danielle

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