What the heck is a simmer melt?

Botanical Simmer Melts are our newest product! Using ethically sourced beeswax and coconut wax mixed with organic essential oils and botanicals, you can melt your way to natural aromas!

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How to use a simmer melt

Read below and learn how easy it is to add natural aroma to your home with our simmer melts

Use a tealight wax melter or electric wax melter

Always follow manufacturer instructions on safety for the wax warmer

Add 3-4 cubes and botanical sprinkles to warmer

We recommend 3-4 cubes to start. You can add less or more to customize your scent strength.

Melt and enjoy the natural aroma

You can melt the wax for up to 6 hours. Depending on the strength, you can still get an aroma for longer in a smaller space.


When the aroma is finished or you just want to change up the aroma, let the wax cool and solidify, then place warmer in the freezer to remove the wax easily and you're ready to add more!

You can store the used melts in the tin.

Placing the tin in the freezer will prolong the life of the aroma.

Also check safety on using essential oils around pets and children and anyone with sensitivities. We list all ingredients in our products to help make it easier.

  • Up to 60 hours of scent (4oz)

    Each 4oz tin contains 24 melts and can add natural aromas for up to 60 hours!

    You can also try a 2oz tin with 12 melts- a great way to try out the different scents!

  • 100% Natural Home Fragrance

    We only use pure, real botanicals. Nothing synthetic. Why is this important? Because synthetic fragrances can contain toxins and chemicals.

  • Handmade in Canada

    Every thing is handmade in our shop in Lethbridge, Alberta. We curate and select the finest botanicals to make beautiful, natural aromas.

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