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Using Simmer and Co Home Fragrance products around your pets

We believe as always that you are the best advocate for your pets' wellness. And while our products are all natural, there are some things to consider when using them around your pets. When in doubt- always ask a professional and in regards to your pets, speak to your veterinarian for the best advice. 

When it comes to using home fragrance products in your home, its best to pay attention to how they respond, make sure they can leave the space if the scent bothers them and ensure it’s a well ventilated area. 

Always avoid ingesting our products, or applying anything topically. So keep Simmer and Co out of reach of pets and children to ensure their safety. Less is more, and in shorter durations is the best way to test if an aroma will bother your pets. 

There is a lot of information about using essential oils around pets (used in our simmer melts) but one source we refer to is a leading safety expert in the Aromatherapy Industry, Robert Tisserand. Here is an excerpt from his blog post: In general, making long lists of specific oils that are allegedly “safe” or “toxic” to cats doesn’t make a lot of sense to me – it’s more about overall exposure. You can diffuse essential oils around cats safely, so long as there’s good ventilation, you only diffuse small amounts for limited periods of time, and your cat has the freedom to leave the room if it wants. A few parts per million of aromatic vapor in the air is not likely to be harmful, but be careful to avoid build-up of vapors over many hours. - Robert Tisserand

In regards to the health and safety of your pets, it’s best to educate yourself, stay well informed and speak to a professional. Some trusted safety experts in the field of Aromatherapy include Robert Tisserand, Valerie Worwood and Peter Holmes. We continue to educate ourselves as well to always provide you with the best products for your home fragrance needs.

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