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Be Tranquil Simmer Mix, Stovetop Potpourri

Be Tranquil Simmer Mix, Stovetop Potpourri

Be Tranquil Simmer Mix

Experience the captivating allure of Be Tranquil Simmer Mix, transporting you to a fragrant oasis within the comfort of your home. Envision a gentle breeze delicately dancing upon your senses, as if an enchanting garden extends an inviting hand. Serenity whispers softly through lavender's embrace, while juniper adds a touch of whimsical charm. Feel the comforting warmth of cedarwood, heightened by the zesty twist of lime. Embark on a rejuvenating journey with eucalyptus as your guide.

This remarkable stovetop potpourri kit effortlessly infuses your space with natural goodness, offering an endless cycle of enchantment. Prepare to immerse yourself in pure bliss, one simmer at a time.

Shop this aroma in a simmer melt and simmer mist!

Be Tranquil Botanical Simmer Melt

Be Tranquil Simmer Mist

How to use

1. Get a pot from your kitchen
2. Fill with water
3. Empty Simmer Mix into pot and water
4. Simmer and enjoy the natural aroma

Aroma Notes

Calming Lavender, Aromatic Cedarwood, Revitalizing Lime and Cleansing Eucalyptus.


Real botanicals that you can see

Non-toxic/ no chemicals, no artificial fragrance 

Vegan and Eco Friendly

Handmade in Canada in small batch

Safe for you, your loved ones and Mother Earth. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Be Tranquil

Love the scent!! So calming ! Can't wait for new ones!!

Trish K
Amazing product

Be Tranquil is incredible and makes my home smell amazing! The natural scent of lavender, lime and cedarwood quickly filled my home and I love that you can reuse the product so there is waste!

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Floral Aroma Profile

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