What the heck is a simmer medley?

A simmer medley is a collection of dried botanicals, natural organic fixative powders and essential oils. Read below on where we love to use our medley's and shop our handmade Simmer medleys.

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How to use a simmer medley

Read below and learn how easy it is to add natural aroma to your home with our simmer medley

Place in a dresser drawer

The medley will gently scent your clothing and release a beautiful aroma when you open the drawer

Put one in shoes

Combat stinky foot odors naturally. Place a medley in shoes when stored in the closet.

Hang a medley in your vehicle

Hang a medley sachet on your rearview mirror and enjoy the aroma every time you drive.

  • Refresh the scent

    Gently squeeze or shake the medley to release more natural aromas and enjoy for even longer!

  • 100% Natural Home Fragrance

    We only use pure, real botanicals. Nothing synthetic. Why is this important? Because synthetic fragrances can contain toxins and chemicals.

  • Handmade in Canada

    Every thing is handmade in our shop in Lethbridge, Alberta. We curate and select the finest botanicals to make beautiful, natural aromas.

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