What the heck is an Aroma Profile?

Olfactory system (sense of smell) is the sensory system used for smelling.


Do you know that the sense of smell is unlike any other sense because of its connection directly to the brain? That's why certain scents can trigger emotions or be associated with memories. Your olfactory likes and dislikes are learned and developed throughout your life. There are four main scent families that most aromas will be classified under- Woody, Amber, Floral and Fresh.




Understanding what olfactive family you are drawn to can help you identify products that will appeal to you.


Why is this important? Well the internet hasn’t developed a scratch and sniff option yet so you need to rely on your understanding of smells when shopping online for aroma products.


Which is why we developed the Olfactive Profile quiz to help you identify what smells you are going to enjoy the most by finding out what Olfactive Family you are naturally drawn too.


Ready to discover yours? Take our quiz below!